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Last Updated: May 19, 2010 06:15PM • Subscribe via RSSATOM

Restaurant in Oxford's Robert Morris Inn to Reopen

  Named after "The Financier of the American Revolution," Oxford’s Robert Morris Inn is undergoing a change in power structure of its own.  

Power Lunch: Lemongrass

     Lemongrass 169 West Street, Annapolis 410-280-0086 In a new installment at The Bent Fork, every Wednesday, we’ll review a restaurant in Annapolis or on the Eastern Shore from the perspective of two nine-to-fivers getting lunch in the middle of their workday. Hence, pace and cost will be factored differently than you’d expect from a typical restaurant review, which is usually from the perspective of a dinner experience.

Giolitti Deli's Beer & Burgers Happy Hour 5/21

Giolitti Deli just checked in with the following event information for this Friday, the 21st.  "This Friday we are having a BEER & BURGERS happy hour at Giolitti Deli.Please join us on the patio for delicious grilled gourmet burgers, sides, ice cold beer, wine and Dave's famous beer shake shooters!The party is from 5-7pm, so get your friends together and join us!Reservations are not required, but rsvps are appreciated!" Giolitti Deli is one of our favorite lunch spots to grab delicious Italian. Here's the skinny on how to reach them:  Giolitti Deli2068 Somerville RoadAnnapolis, MD 21401-3711(410) 266-8600    

On Tapas (or, Key Lime Cafe Introduces Tapas Menu)

    There are two competing camps in the great Tapas debate.On one side are those who say they usually go home hungry, having eaten too little of the plates they really liked and disliking too many of the other offerings. They maintain that in group settings, people become unsure of proper tapas protocol: if there are five shrimp and four of us, who gets that fifth shrimp?Supporters counter that there’s no better way to sample an array of flavors from the hands at work in the kitchen, and there’s no binding commitment to an order that might otherwise dissuade you from trying something new, as might be the case when you’re ordering only one entrée. To the question of tapas-tasting protocol, supporters say: “lighten up. You’re among friends. Eat what you want.”

Changes in Tilghman Island

A little more than a month ago, the Bridge Restaurant in Tilghman Island re-opened under new ownership.They've renamed it Grassini's Bridge Restaurant, and are focusing on the expected Chesapeake favorites like chicken Chesapeake, crabcakes, etc. The new owner, Missy Birdsell, told me she put 500-man hours into cleaning, painting, and re-flooring the place, and the interior is now decorated with work from local Tilghman artists. That's all. I'm also trying to track down Brian Fox over at 208 Talbot to talk about his much-anticipated Brasserie Brightwell, which is inching closer to opening in Easton. You'll know more when I do.    

Grilling Summer Veggies

The Washington Post ran this article today about grilling summer veggies in a two-step technique; grill veggies slightly first, saute to finish. Sounds simple enough and any home gourmand with a grill could accomplish foodie feats fit for a king using this method. Personally, I find grilling vegetables doesn't have to be the nightmare that paragraph three insinuates; keep it simple, use the right touch of heat, and you'll have taste buds zinging sans saute pan cleaning.

Zaca Mesa Wine Dinner at Pope’s Tavern at the Oxford Inn

That’s about the gist of it.Pope’s Tavern at The Oxford Inn, home to Executive Chef Lisa MacDougal, is holding a wine dinner with Zaca Mesa Vineyards of the Santa Ynez Valley on May 21 at 7 p.m.

Newly Opened Bridges Restaurant Breathes Life into Kent Island

Since a structure began emerging from the parking lot opposite the Jetty in the shadows of the Kent Narrows Bridge, there’s been no shortage of anticipation for the restaurant that would eventually become Bridges Restaurant, an upscale waterfront bistro with, not surprisingly, an emphasis on seafood.David Clark, the former owner and executive chef of Centreville-favorite Julia’s Casual Fine Dining, is the restaurant's executive chef. Months ago he told me he planned to focus on seafood more than he was known to at Julia’s. Apparently folks around here are into seafood. Who knew?

India's Reopening May 15th

We just received word from India's management that the restaurant will reopen on May 15th. An Annapolis favorite (our favorite at the least) for it's authentic Indian cuisine, the restaurant has refurbished after experiencing a fire this spring. Be sure to visit and give our best to Kumar and his family!

Makeshift Mexican

Did a little foodie soul searching last night when trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Looked in the fridge and saw a pound of ground turkey, some half used veggies, and several tortillas (there was lots more, but these items stood out). I was half-way to making tacos or burritos. Just needed a little flavor to bring the meal home. Didn't have any cilantro on hand, but I do have a cupboard full of spices. Here's a makeshift recipe for taco seasoning; a worthy substitute for the Old El Paso powder pack you find in the ethnic aisle. Just add this mix to your browned meat with about a 1/2 cup water and you'll be good to go. Altogether, it makes a great filling for tacos/burritos/enchiladas.



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