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Seeing is Believing

Custom conservatories and sunrooms offer bright views and natural scenery. Initially, our appreciation of exotic or out-of-season plants helped spur the development of these mostly glass structures. In Roman times Tiberius enjoyed cucumbers grown under sheets of mica. In the 17th century, Louis XlV enjoyed oranges throughout the winter, thanks to excellent growing conditions in the dramatic Orangerie at Versailles, which featured tall, arched glass windows facing south. In the 18th century, many of the gentry, such as George Washington, liked pineapples. Numerous “pineries” (heated greenhouses for pineapples) were constructed.

What’s Up? With Real Estate

Sellers have always had the option to delist a house and relist it later if interest is weak, but with today’s crazed real estate market, the listing/delisting/relisting process has become more prevalent than ever before. In this month’s what’s up? with real estate, we share profiles of Annapolis homes that have successfully navigated the relisting waters.

The Sum of its Parts: An Annapolis Home Adds Up to a Sumptuous Sanctuary

Behind a bed of rhododendrons and daffodils, in an elevated corner of this Cape St. John backyard, sits a "reflection chair," offering a quiet refuge from the city just minutes away, panoramic views of Boyd's Cove, and frequent glimpses of the area's wildlife. The chair, like the rest of this unique Annapolis residence, proves it's the tucked-away details that truly make a house a home.

The Big Year in our own Backyard: Bird Watching in Maryland

“Once a birder always a birder,” says Talbot County resident Jane McConnell. “I always have my binoculars with me, whether I’m standing on the back porch or biking.”

Autumn Glory

Make Colorful Chrysanthemums the Focal Point of Your Fall Garden.

What's Up? with Eastern Shore Real Estate: October 2012

Modern design and well-equipped kitchens abound in these two beautiful waterfront homes.

What's Up? with Eastern Shore Real Estate: September 2012

Two lovely, comforting waterfront properties to fall in love with.

Centreville Guesthouse gets Promoted to Main House

One hot August night after having turned twice to the swimming pool to escape the summer's brutal heat, local artist Nancy Hammond and husband, Centreville lawyer Robert Price Jr., laughed at the idea that while they were baking away in their old fashioned—albeit beautiful and spacious—house, their fully air- conditioned little guesthouse sat vacant on the other side of their property. "We went downstairs, jumped in the golf cart, drove across, and realized 'Hey, this little house over here is much more workable for us. We don't need that much space. Let's just enlarge the [guesthouse] a bit and sell the other property.'"

What's Up? with West County Real Estate: September 2012

Two unique homes by the water.

Making Cool Nights Hot

The Comfort and Luxury of Hot Tubs Extends Your Outdoor Fun into Cool-Eeather Seasons.