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Luxurious Kitchens from the Inside to Out

The fun and convenience of cooking in a fully equipped kitchen outside has enticed many homeowners into remodeling their patios to take advantage of this 2lst-century trend.

What's Up? with Eastern Shore Real Estate: August 2012

August is one of the best times to head over to the Eastern Shore for weekend getaways, but it's also an excellent time to check out real estate listings with next summer in mind. Here are two listings that caught our eyes, and made us think twice.

Create Clear Views

With all this water, our homes are all about the view. Here’s an expert’s take on how to maximize or minimize your exposure. Sally Morse, Director of Creative Services for Hunter Douglas, the leading name in custom window fashions, offers a few new tips to give you the vision you desire.

Farm to Table at Cottingham in Talbot County

A stunning farm plays host to elegant meals prepared with produce from its organic fields and greenhouse.

What's Up with Annapolis Real Estate: August 2012

Buyers and sellers often get bogged down with conventional ideas of what a home should be, how it should look, and what it should cost. But this month’s what’s up with real estate shows that with a little creativity and foresight, Annapolis homeowners experience great success with the unconventional.

Mayor Announces Moderately Priced Homes in Downtown Annapolis and Eastport

Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen announced this morning a program to offer moderately priced dwelling units for sale to qualified residents. In 2004, the City of Annapolis established the Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) program that requires a developer to set aside 12% of the units for sale in a new development at a price below the market rate.  These units would be available to persons or families whose income qualifies for the discounted price and can qualify for a mortgage.  Because of the downturn in the housing market, no new developments were under construction until recently. Currently, there are three projects under construction and nine MPDUs are available for sale to those who qualify.

Your Oasis is a Splash Away

Come July, starry nights, lazy afternoons, and bright mornings intermingle with summer’s scorching touch to deliver intense outdoor temperatures. And when your sweat trickles from brow to nose-tip, is there any better sweet relief than a pool in eyesight and dipping your foot in gin-clear water to confirm its cool confines? It’s moments like these when praise to the pool gods is mightiest.

A Place Called Wye House

Down a secluded Talbot County road, stands a wrought-iron gate, flanked by two brick pillars leading to a long driveway. In the distance a visitor glimpses a yellow mansion built at the dawn of the newly independent American Republic.

What's Up? with Annapolis Real Estate: July 2012

Make no mistake, first impressions might be key to relationships but they are critical to home sales. In this month's What's Up with Real Estate, we profile area homes where first impressions were instrumental to expedited contracts.

What's Up? with Eastern Shore Real Estate July 2012

This historic Eastern Shore beauty sits on the banks of one of Talbot County’s most sought after bodies of water, Harris Creek.



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