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Antiques: Collectible Lunch Boxes

Do you pack your lunch to take to work or school?

As Lovely as a Tree

Nature’s Wonders Provide Beauty, Shade, and Energy Conservation

Like a Fine Wine

Wine Cellars and Closets Add a Touch of European Luxury

Perennial Gardens

  Beautiful Blooms Year After Year

Pocket Gardens

  Little Bits of Tranquility Right in Your Own Backyard By Renee Houston Zemanski

Escape to an Outdoor Sanctuary

  Want to bring a splash of color to your garden getaway? It’s easy this summer with the variety of colors available in outdoor furniture made from 100 percent recycled resin now on the market.

Let There Be Music

Kent Island Flower Show Captured in Pictures


Today we communicate with text messages and email by using smartphones and computers, making pen and ink a thing of the past. But less than 75 years ago, things were different. As recently as 1957, the United States Post Office was still using pens and inkwells. In June of 1957, they switched over to ballpoint pens.

Charmed by Charm Bracelets

“Love is Blind,” says the inscription on the tiny case that holds a miniature set of eyeglasses, one of 39 charms on a charm bracelet Jeanne Hendricks inherited from her late mother. “As a child, I would take my mother’s charm bracelet, look at every single charm, and play with it as if it were a toy,” recalls Hendricks, who was seven or eight years old when she received her own bracelet. The bracelet she began assembling as a young girl now has 26 charms. “Every time we took a trip, we would buy a charm,” she says. “And when my father traveled, he brought charms back as souvenirs. I think he started the bracelet for my mother when they were first married. My father fought in World War II, and he loved buying jewelry for my mother. Her charm bracelet enabled him to bring back keepsakes from all the places he had been,” she explains while handling both bracelets with love and admiration.

Miniature Books

This month, June 25th is the Art of the Book reception at the Mitchell Gallery at St. John’s College in Annapolis. One exhibit in the gallery will be artwork inspired by books as well as a celebration of books, artists, and authors.



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