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Lighting Takes Center Stage

Interior lighting trends in 2012.

Old World Inspiration

Old world country manor inspires couple’s dream house

Real Estate on the Shore

Boater’s Delight on the Scenic Miles River in Talbot County

Style Meets Function

Cabinetry is the face of your kitchen, so naturally you’ll want it looking its best.

An Investment To (Still) Consider

Understanding the ins and outs of real estate investment.

Color Forecast for 2012

Soothing blues, warm grays, and necessary neutrals lead the way.

Waterman's Crossing

“Re-designing and rebuilding is not for everyone,” says gourmet food journalist and cookbook author Gail Greco.

Real Estate Innovations

Architectural Ingenuity Meets Energy Efficiency

In Beautiful Stone

A look back on an Annapolis family who built a dozen homes.

Style Through the Looking Glass

The 18th century French philosopher Voltaire considered the mirror one of the great achievements of France.