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A Radiant Shade Garden

All Shade Is Not Created Equal What do you do with that shady spot in your yard that has looked unsightly since you moved into your house? Even experienced gardeners know that growing a shade garden in Maryland’s temperamental sandy soil is tricky, especially if you want flowers. Do not despair. If you get your plants off to the proper start, the rest is easy. So, after a few yoga breaths in and out, repeat the mantra: my shade garden will be filled with beautiful colors this summer.

Gaining Value by Gardening

A volatile economy and rise-and-fall real estate market have flipped the switch for many homeowners to become avid Do-It-Yourselfers, especially when it comes to gardening. Part of this is due to the long-term benefits that planting and landscaping provide.

Winged and Warbling - Backyard Beauties

Most people could recognize a Robin or a Cardinal if they saw one - but what about a Northern Flicker or a Lazuli Bunting?

Falling for Your Yard

What to do now so you'll love your yard later When you've mulched the last of the leaves, your fall lawn care isn't quite done. This transition time from your lawn's active growth to its healthy dormancy is when you need to take some extra care to help prepare it for next year's growth.

Gardening With Charlie - Preparing a New Garden

Soil preparation is the most important step in growing a successful garden, yet the spring planting frenzy can tempt us to cut corners to hurry and get everything in the ground. That's one reason why fall is a good time to prepare a new garden spot. Also, fall is a good time to add amendments to adjust the pH of your soil because they take some time to do the job. Perhaps the best reason to start a new garden in fall is that you can do it with a lot less effort if you are converting any lawn to a garden. Follow these steps to get a head start on spring planting.

Shining Kitchen Design

Carol Leach's kitchen was not always so Zen-like and conducive to easy entertaining as it is now, with a wave-shaped island crested by a floating countertop. When she and her husband, David, both avid sailors, bought their 2,800-square foot condominium in Eastport 15 years ago, their kitchen was “literally a box,” says Carol.

Taking the Edge Off Is Just One Way to Update Your Pool

The heart of a home may be the kitchen, but when summer breezes blow, many of us migrate to a second home: a lounge chair by the pool. When we get tired of the kitchen, we grit our teeth and remodel, investing considerable time and money to produce dramatic results. But what about renovating the pool? How much can a pool really change?

What a Difference a Door Can Make

FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE VERY IMPORTANT. When you visit a house for the very first time, one of the first things you look for is the front door. You locate the doorbell or the knocker. While you wait to be greeted, you may look around to take i n a fanlight above the door or the architectural detailing around the door. Is it a distinctive door, impressive, or remarkably attractive? Is it a traditional white; stained wood; or a crisp, bright color?

Handsome Enhancements

Additions that add space and glamour Shadowed by eagles and overrun by deer, the Hammond family’s guesthouse in Centreville was almost too dilapidated to restore. “It was a mess, crumbling into the woods, overgrown with thorns and hanging vines,” recalls Bob Hammond. The boathouse was even worse. “It was falling into the water and part of the floors had rotted away,” he says.

Composing the Perfect Deck

At last, you are building your deck and your mind leaps ahead to that special moment when you are flipping filet mignons through the air and onto your guests' plates just like “the Michael Jordan of Grilling,” Steve Raichlen. But, before you hammer a single nail, consider music. Design professionals agree that the best decks function much like music, with each element distinct yet in harmony with the others.