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Big Problems with the Little Gland?

Are you chronically tired? Irritable? Anxious? Are you gaining or losing weight and don’t know why? It may be your thyroid.

Inside The Event: Wedding Salon Luxury Showcase

Get a head start on planning the wedding of your dreams at Wedding Salon Luxury Showcase.

Haven Ministries Opens Hope Warehouse to Support Ministries

On Thursday, July 26, Haven Ministries opened Hope Warehouse, a new warehouse offering used appliances, furniture and building supplies for purchase in Queenstown.

Hot Off The Coals

The superlatives are never-ending for Hot Off the Coals southern style barbeque and its road house atmosphere.

Arming School Teachers

Recent school shootings at high schools in Florida and Maryland have added a new debate to the argument about whether to further regulate or even ban guns: Should armed teachers become mandatory at every public school?

Annapolis to Host 2nd Largest Paddle Race on East Coast

Top Professionals to participate in the 3rd Annual Bay Bridge Paddle, brought to you by Leinenkugel.

CIA Grads Share Their Dream With West County Residents

Rik and Pam Squillari were culinary school sweethearts, married soon after their graduation from the prestigious Culinary Arts Institute (CIA) in upstate New York.

Denim & Diamonds Bash

AAMC Foundation Thanks the Community


If you have lived in or around Anne Arundel County in the last 40 years you have probably heard someone talk about Hillman, Brown & Darrow, or one of its partners or associates – Why, you ask? Because they are a part of the legal community and have been involved in community activities and legal representation of countless individuals and, associations, businesses and companies for many years.


Our focus is the law of estates and trusts. Some firms offer, or claim to offer, a wide variety of services to clients. We do not