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Last Updated: Nov 22, 2010 06:57PM • Subscribe via RSSATOM

Lush Silk Stockings Product Review

Here at the What’s Up? office, we are often sent books and other products to review. One of the latest products we received was Lush’s silk stockings body tint. As a former cosmetics retailer and proponent of stocking-less legs, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

Durable Color for Nails—New alternative to traditional polish

A few months ago to cheer myself up while my broken wrist was immobilized in a cast, I treated myself to a manicure that included an application of beautiful dark pink nail polish. The hand in the cast continued to look perfect for almost a month (because I wasn’t using it) while the polish on the other hand quickly chipped away as a result of everyday living.

Rejuvenate Your Earlobes!

Years of wearing heavy pierced earrings may be causing embarrassment and concern for some women (and possibly a few men as well). They worry that their lobes are sagging and the once-pinpoint size piercing has become long and unsightly. Those relatively new to pierced ears can avoid the problem by NOT wearing heavy, dangling earrings. These are the real culprits. Tasteful studs or featherweight hoops will prevent the problem from ever occurring. If, however, you are among the many who did indulge in those fabulous big, chunky, clunky styles (and have the lobes to show it), there is help.  

Green Nails (The Good Kind)

If someone were to say they have green nails, you’d probably take a few cautious steps back. But nowadays they probably mean that they are taking a natural, non-toxic approach to nail care.



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