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Are We Ready for OTC Genetic Testing?

Apparently not. Briefly, on Thursday morning, we posted a story about a new genetic test kit going on sale at Walgreens.  We mentioned that the Food and Drug Administration was investigating the company’s claims.  Well, it seems the FDA’s involvement may have made Walgreens a little wary. Walgreens has announced that it will hold off on the sale of the kits.  “We’ve elected not to move forward with offering the Pathway product to our customers until we have further clarity on this matter,” the company’s statement read.

Train Your Brain: Exercise for Mental Health

Studies show specific mental exercises are crucial when it comes to maintaining memory and keeping the brain fit.

Color Me Healthy: Mastering the art of eating well.

Understanding the correlation between color and nutrition can help us make good decisions in the grocery store.

Smart Foods for Kids

Spending lazy days in fields picking blackberries and peaches…eating ripe tomatoes right off the vine…selecting fresh produce in baskets at a local farmers market. Some kids spend the summer break nourishing their growing bodies…while others snack on processed, chemical-laden, and high-sugar foods out of bags and cans. In either case, one thing is certain: It’s up to parents and caregivers to lead by example and provide kids with nutritious, wholesome foods year-round.

Putting off getting that flu shot? You’ve just run out of excuses.

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health is making it super easy to receive this year’s flu vaccine. And you do need this year’s formulation. The 2010-11 trivalent vaccine fights the A/California (H1N1) strain, the A/Perth strain, and the B/Brisbane strain. (When we asked, the woman at the Department of Health didn’t seem to know why the flu is now coming up from down under.) These are the strains of most concern to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) this year.

When to Worry about a Cough

Half the office staff here at What’s Up? Media is coughing these days. Just a little cold weather and we’re a hacking chorus. Is it just the time of year, fall allergies, a tough cold? Or something worse? Is it temporary or could it be chronic?

Foods that Fight Flu?

According to nutritionist Carl Germano, member of the NY Board of Dietetics and Nutrition and chief science officer of Surgex Sports, there are a number of everyday foods that will significantly help your body combat the flu and stay healthy.

Learn About the Dark Side of Online Degrees

The demand for higher education has not only sparked a rise in students, but also a rise in scams. Online “diploma mills” or “degree mills” are fraudulent businesses disguised as legitimate colleges that award fake college degrees. Diploma mills attract two types of people: 1) Individuals who are genuinely trying to earn a college degree and are unaware that they are enrolling in a scam and; 2) Individuals who are aware that they are committing fraud, but are only concerned with getting a fake college degree.

Distance Education: Is it for you?

For those of you who prefer hardware to hard copies, tech-savvy distance education alternatives are just for you. Online classes and satellite campuses were created for students who cannot travel far for their education because of family responsibilities, work conflicts, financial limitations, or other factors. And although the exaggerated tales of hiking uphill both ways to get to school goes away, you can still brag about perfect attendance.


Andrea Terry was determined to run the Chestertown Tea Party 5K race at the end of May. Jogging was taking a toll on her knees, but she still needed a way to increase her endurance and her strength.