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Make It Go Away | Dealing with the minor and major pains of life.

We have all experienced the sensation of pain. For some it was simply a mild, temporary annoyance, for o thers a debilitating condition. The sensation itself may be unpleasant, but the effect can be beneficial. Pain acts as a major part of our body's diagnostic and defense systems. Pain can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. It can also be a terrific deterrent. When we feel pain it triggers a reflex to retract from hurtful stimulus, and adjusts our behavior so that, in the future, we will not go near that which causes pain. For most of us, short-term discomfort can be dealt with by using acetaminophen, ibuprofen, an ice pack, or a heating pad.

Turn Back the Clock: Twelve Ways to Boost Your Energy and Stay Young

1) Clean up the Clutter Too much junk in your life drains away your energy. Start the year right by identi fying five areas you want to clear away. Maybe it’s a messy desk, garage, or attic— but physical clutter is a good place to start. Then move on to emotional clutter. Is there someone in your life you’ve neglected to thank, a challenge you’ve avoided, someone you’ve never made peace with in your family? Sit down and write that long overdue letter, finish the project, or make the phone call. Your psyche will feel relieved and you’ll feel renewed.

Yoga For Beginners

One of the first things I learned in vinyasa yoga class (also called yoga flow) was that each of my toes can move individually. Apparently they’re supposed to, though mine seemed determined to limit themselves to moving just up or down—more like camel hooves than wiggly pinkies. “With the toes spread wide,” our instructor told us, “you have a broader foundation for poses that require balance—and that’s most of them.”

Cibu Pho Finish Spray Product Review

To say I’m obsessed with hair care would be an understatement—I have two backup blow dryers, my hairstylist’s number on speed dial, and order specialty shampoo from Sweden. So, when the What’s Up? office was asked to review a product of international hair care provider, Cibu, I gladly accepted.

Add Last Minute Fashion Glamour

The holidays are just around the corner and with busy schedules sometimes it can be a fashion challenge to make the transition from work to party time. But wait, it’s not as hard as you may think. With a few simple tricks, work day attire can be easily transformed!

Lush Silk Stockings Product Review

Here at the What’s Up? office, we are often sent books and other products to review. One of the latest products we received was Lush’s silk stockings body tint. As a former cosmetics retailer and proponent of stocking-less legs, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

Durable Color for Nails—New alternative to traditional polish

A few months ago to cheer myself up while my broken wrist was immobilized in a cast, I treated myself to a manicure that included an application of beautiful dark pink nail polish. The hand in the cast continued to look perfect for almost a month (because I wasn’t using it) while the polish on the other hand quickly chipped away as a result of everyday living.

Rejuvenate Your Earlobes!

Years of wearing heavy pierced earrings may be causing embarrassment and concern for some women (and possibly a few men as well). They worry that their lobes are sagging and the once-pinpoint size piercing has become long and unsightly. Those relatively new to pierced ears can avoid the problem by NOT wearing heavy, dangling earrings. These are the real culprits. Tasteful studs or featherweight hoops will prevent the problem from ever occurring. If, however, you are among the many who did indulge in those fabulous big, chunky, clunky styles (and have the lobes to show it), there is help.  

Green Nails (The Good Kind)

If someone were to say they have green nails, you’d probably take a few cautious steps back. But nowadays they probably mean that they are taking a natural, non-toxic approach to nail care.