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Gifts to Celebrate Dads & Grads

Whether you're thinking of getting something for your Dad this Father's Day you can also get your Grad a gift.

The Benefits of Palliative Care

For many individuals who have been diagnosed with a serious, long-lasting disease or with a life-threatening illness, palliative care can make your life

Cancer: Play your part in preventing cancer

Let’s talk about the good news first: Deaths from cancer have dropped 26 percent in the past 25 years, largely due to fewer people smoking and advances in cancer prevention.

Products We Love: May 2018

Want to know what’s up in the world of beauty and beyond? Look no further. Here you’ll find the latest and greatest hair, skin, and makeup products, reviewed by our Beauty Buzz Team

Join the Resistance

Resistance bands make for a versatile full-body workout

Keeping It Clean

The last major beauty regulations passed in 1938, and some say it’s time for a major industry overhaul

Shimmer and Shine

Summer’s top nail polish trends gleam (without glitter)

Best of 2018 Voting: Beauty and Fitness

2018 voting is here! Cast your vote for the best for one last batch of categories.

Antioxidants Explained

Demystifying the science behind free radicals, oxidants and how plant-based foods can fend off the damage they cause.

When One is Never Enough

Just a single drink is enough to shift your brain toward the first stages of addiction