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American Diabetes Month

November marks American Diabetes Month.

Before & After Motivation

When life Throws You a Curve, Take Batting Practice.

A Brief History of Breast Cancer Awareness

Everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Cost-free, Drug-free Pain Medication

An unexpected medication close to home.

We Are Still Here

The Voices of Maryland’s First People. Daniel Firehawk Abbott is part Nanticoke, part Choptank. Last spring, at Jefferson-Patterson Park and Museum in Calvert County, representatives from the Native American communities and from the state of Maryland stood reverently in front of 18 shallow holes, lined with oyster shells and smudged with burnt cedar and sage.

An Apple (or PC) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

How your cyber surfing is influencing your health.

Healthy Little Smiles

Teaching good dental hygiene should begin at a young age.

Beer and Running: A Perfect Pair?

Is drinking and running coming into fashion?

So Easy, a Paleolithic Man Could Do It

The so-called ‘Caveman Diet’ stirs interest and controversy

Cancer Center Goes Pink in October

The staff from the Shore Regional Cancer Center has gone “pink” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.



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