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Healthy Little Smiles

Teaching good dental hygiene should begin at a young age.

Beer and Running: A Perfect Pair?

Is drinking and running coming into fashion?

So Easy, a Paleolithic Man Could Do It

The so-called ‘Caveman Diet’ stirs interest and controversy

Cancer Center Goes Pink in October

The staff from the Shore Regional Cancer Center has gone “pink” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

October is the First Annual Farm to School Month

Here at What’s Up?, we wholeheartedly support “Home Grown Locally Owned.”

Mapping Your Medical Family Tree

Knowing your roots can help your health in the long run.

Fancy Footwork

The FTC announces Reebok is to pay $25 million in customer refunds.

L.E.A.R.N. by Example

Growing up in Vermont, Tara Fencer camped and hiked and stayed fit. Eighteen years of living and working in the Annapolis area, with the pressures and busy schedules of adulthood, took their toll. She became sedentary, spent her days indoors, and used food to comfort and de-stress. Which lead to real distress.

Get to the Core of the Matter

The benefits of tight abs and a trimmed tummy go way beyond attracting the opposite sex.

Latest Swaddling Tips for Babies

We've had a bit of a population explosion recently at What's Up? Media.



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