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Products We Love: February 2018

This Month’s Picks from the Beauty Buzz Team

Throwing Some (Micro)Shade

Learn everything you need to know about microblading’s little sister, microshading

Taste the Rainbow

Getting in those greens isn’t always the easiest of tasks—unless you’re doing so in smoothie form.

Host a Student ...and Host the World

The reciprocal learning experience gained through student exchange programs

4 Heart Disease Risk Factors

You Can Control.

The Age of Happiness

Have the good ol’ days come and gone? Not necessarily, research says.

A Sprinkle of Anti-Aging Power

To learn more about this celeb-inspired trend, What’s Up? talked to a few local experts for their take.

Financial Wellness for 2018

Experts weigh in on market trends, new tech, best practices, and inspirations for managing wealth and debt this year and beyond.

What's Up? Visionaries

In the ever-changing landscape and fabric of our communities, there are sparks of genius that have lasting influence—dynamic individuals who’ve built success and made it stick, for public good and for, hopefully, generations to come.

Retailer Confessional

A tell-all about doing business in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County



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