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Clown Cabaret

Come laugh with purveyors of the funny arts. Regional performing artists explore and stretch the Art of Clown. With an art form that’s over 5000 years old, of course there are different traditions; different schools; different styles. At a Clown Cabaret show, a half dozen or so different performing artists (or teams) share something old, something new, something innovative — something that will make you see the world in a slightly funnier way. Drawing from modern, theatrical, circus, commedia, verbal, silent, knockabout, musical, and other disciplines, you will see a great variety under the umbrella of “Clown.“ For an evening of artsy-fartsy, pie-in-the-face, clowning fun, come to the Cabaret…come see the clowns in our Nation’s Capital who aren’t in Congress! Tickets :: $15 Bring your Fringe button with you for a $3 discount! Produced by: Karen Beriss, Matthew Pauli and Rich Potter
Date & Time
  • October 9, 2017
  • 8:00PM - 10:00PM
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