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Keith Murphy

Presented by 333 Coffeehouse

The 333 Coffeehouse, Annapolis’ monthly listening space for folk and acoustic music, is pleased to present the singer and guitarist Keith Murphy. Keith Murphy is a renowned folksinger, guitarist, composer and arranger. His traditional song repertoire is based in his native Newfoundland, Eastern Canada and Québec as well as his current home, Vermont. He revisits classic Newfoundland folk songs, songs he grew up with and now reinterprets after years of musical traveling. With simple yet elegant arrangements pared down to just voice and guitar, Murphy brings the focus back to the beauty of the texts. His direct and intimate style of traditional singing in English and French infuses old ballads and songs with a powerful immediacy. His percussive finger style guitar playing creates a rich palette of textures using multiple open tunings and rhythmic ideas, while also bringing in influences from French Canada which have long been part of his musical profile. The addition of his mandolin, foot percussion and chorus songs makes a well rounded evening of music for lovers of traditional song.
Date & Time
  • May 19, 2017
  • 7:00PM
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