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Donavon Frankenreiter

w/ Matt Grundy

Donavon Frankenreiter's new album, "The Heart," officially marks the start of the singer-songwriter's second decade as a solo recording artist. It's been over ten years since the release of his self-titled debut, and in that time he has grown, not only as a musician, but also as a man. He's raising a family and nurturing two creative careers-one onstage, one in the waves-but on top of all that, he's still learning what makes him tick. And so, naturally, he named his album after his ticker. The songs here are seriously sentimental, without question the heaviest material he has released to date. It was soon obvious to Matt Grundy’s family that he had inherited dad's "gift" for music. Matt's father, veteran blues and jazz harmonica guru Mo' Grundy, started out his six-year-old son with a well-seasoned Fender Bronco and some basic blues licks. With his chops honed and passion to break through, Matt flourished in the Orange County music scene, catching the eyes and ears of surf-rocker Donavon Frankenreiter. For the past seven years, Matt's skills have continued to mature and evolve while touring the world as Donavon's bassist and collaborator-earning his solo-artist opening act credentials on their 2008 Pacific Rim tour.
Date & Time
  • August 23, 2017
  • 8:00PM
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