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The Maryland Wine Festival

Come to Explore: Where else can you go deep and figure out if you like oaky or stainless-steel fermented Chardonnays or explore Cabernet Franc, Barbera or Petit Verdot? The Maryland Wine Festival is your place. Come to Purchase: Many of the wines are still hard to find, available only at the wineries or to their wine club members. The festival in ideal place to stock up on new favorites…you might never see them again! Come to Enjoy: There’s so much to do at The Maryland Wine Festival, including listening to the wonderful live bands, exploring the hand-picked artisans and trying food from local and regional purveyors. 150 wines, 25 wineries, 45 artisans, and 24 food purveyors

Date & Time

September 16, 2017

10:00AM - 6:00PM