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Onoe Ryu Dance Enterprises presents: Dancer of Japan: Grand Master Onoe Kikunojyo

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Onoe Kikunojyo combines elements of classical Noh and Kabuki, imbuing them with new levels of discipline, power, and creativity. A dance ensemble of four, direct from Tokyo, performs a series of dramatic dance theater portrayals of legendary events associated with the cultural icons Benkei, Dojoji, Sukeroku, and Kaga-manzai. Inspiration for this performance is drawn from the 1979 opening performance of the original Terrace Theater by the Grand Kabuki Troupe of Japan. Brilliantly costumed dancers of the Onoe School of Dance who study and perform throughout the U.S. complement the program. The extended Onoe dance family is honored to celebrate the renovation of the Terrace Theater as the embodiment of international friendship and shared artistic passion.

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Washington, D.C.