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Your local Sam’s Club® Hearing Aid Center will be holding an Open House Event on 1/13/18. This is an absolutely FREE event that is open to both Sam’s Club members and non-members. Event attendees will be able to receive FREE hearing tests and consultations, FREE demonstrations of our premium digital hearing aids, a FREE look inside your ear with our video otoscope and more.

According to a Johns Hopkins Medicine study, roughly 20% of Americans have some form of a hearing loss and that number jumps up to 33% at age 65 and older. Curious if you have a hearing problem? You may if any of the following apply to you:

• Others ask you to turn the television down

• You ask others to repeat themselves

• Background noise makes it hard for you to follow conversations in noisy places

• You have trouble communicating on the telephone

• You have worked in a loud environment

• You have any of the following medical issues: diabetes; heart, kidney, thyroid disease; depression; memory problems

If you suspect that you, or a loved one, has a hearing loss make an appointment today to reserve a spot at our Open House to be tested by one of our licensed specialists.

You can visit to schedule an appointment online or call us directly at 410-573-4890

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