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Authentic Relating Games

Free social and personal development meetup

Join us for a free workshop dedicated to community, connection and fun! In a relaxed, nonjudgemental environment we will practice tapping into our true selves—what we really think and feel underneath the masks we wear all day—and sharing our truths with others through games, conversation and exercises. We’ll explore concepts like vulnerability, trust, empathy, mindfulness, curiosity, self-awareness, self-appreciation, playfulness and improvisation. We created this Meetup as a way to connect with others interested in self-development and authentic relationships. We hope you will walk away with a sense that you have been seen and accepted for who you truly are, and that you will feel inspired and better equipped to create deep connection. Note: Because we will potentially be exploring sensitive themes, this event is only open to adult participants. WHAT TO EXPECT • Guided meditation and/or introspection • Fun, playful group games — icebreakers, improv • Connecting exercises — honest sharing and empathizing • Opportunities to share how an exercise or interaction affected you For more information, find us at

Date & Time

February 18, 2018

3:00PM - 5:00PM

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Community & Neighborhood Annapolis Arnold Severna Park Edgewater