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Free Outdoor Yoga Workshop

Discover 3 different "flavors" of yoga in this sample class & get your questions answered

"I know I need yoga, but I'm not sure how to start."

"How do I stay in shape with yoga alone?"

"Why does stretching take such discipline?"

"What are the different types of yoga?"

"How do I deepen my yoga practice?"

"How can I use yoga to amplify my gains at the gym?"

"Why are yoga studios so 'woo-woo' feeling?"

"Isn't yoga just stretching?"

"Why are so many people so into yoga?"

"Is yoga a religion?"

You asked ... Carol answers!

"As an extreme sports enthusiast and professional breakdancer, I broke most of the bones in my body and suffered from 11 concussions. By the time I was 27 I was totally unable to move or be comfortable in my body. Willing to try anything to feel better, I discovered yoga. I remember walking out of my first class hooked. I was on some kind of high that I never even achieved during the craziest of sports. Knowing immediately that I was on to something bigger, my studies began. As an inflexible yoga teacher with so many injuries and dealing with the effects of Lyme's disease, I am very well able to relate to some of our students who are feeling a bit lost. I know what it's like to hurt," says Foundations Island Yoga owner Carol Ibex.

We decided to have Carol answer all of the questions we get at Foundations Island Yoga studio on Kent Island ... and more ... in one great workshop.

Enjoy a sampling of our down-to-earth, yoga-newbie-friendly classes (Vinyasa, Buti and Bikram) with Carol at our Free Outdoor Yoga Workshop Saturday June 23 9am Spa at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. Intended as the perfect introduction to what makes us so special!

Date & Time

June 23, 2018

9:00AM - 10:30AM

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