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Capitol Hill Chamber Music Festival: The Able Virtuoso

Johann Mattheson's "Der Brauchbare Virtuoso" ("The Able Virtuoso"), published in Hamburg in 1720, sets the tone for this colorful and contrasting program of Italian, French and German trio sonatas illustrating regional modes of composition and performance that were quite distinct in the 18th century, and the dialogue between them. Music by Italians Archangelo Corelli and Pietro Locatelli, French composers Antoine Dornel and Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, and Germans Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Mattheson will be featured in this virtuoso survey of the great variety of musical style in early 18th century Europe. Bach’s trio sonata, which sandwiches a slow movement from one of his flute sonata slow movements between two movements of an organ trio sonata, exists in a relatively unknown 18th century manuscript and most likely represents a clever transcription although, as Bach frequently re-purposed earlier works, it could well represent the original version from which the works with which we are familiar today originated.

Date & Time

August 16, 2018