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Recycled Art Sale

Sell or buy art in the Everhart Park, West Chester PA

WHATEVER THE REASON, this event will provide you with a beautiful setting to sell or donate your art for the benefit of Everhart Park. This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to buy new art at an affordable price and/or find a new home for art you no longer wish to keep. All proceeds benefit the maintenance of the park.  The event is located off Union Street in Everhart Park.  Everhart Park is located between South Brandywine, West Miner, Bradford and West Union Streets

For more information go to our website: friendsof  The Rain date is September 23.

Date & Time

September 22, 2018

10:00AM - 2:00PM

More Info

Event Website

to enter art, $10/piece, purchase prices vary, no admission fee

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