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Red Red Wine Bar Goes Mobile

Nov 10, 2014 03:03PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Photo by Terri Russell

Red Red Wine Bar on Wheels

Welcome to the resurrected dining column, “Taste,” which explores the local culinary scene with quick-take restaurant reviews, restaurateur interviews, and foodie topics of interest. This month we speak with Brian Bolter, owner of Red Red Wine Bar and Dry 85, about taking the business of serving fine wine mobile.

In Annapolis, two people contributed mightily to revolutionizing the wine scene: Brian and Lisa Bolter, owners of Red Red Wine Bar and Dry 85, have a different philosophy on wine than others. Their mantra revolves around banishing wine snobbery and making it accessible drinking for any palate and level of expertise. Their newest creation, the Wine Bar on Wheels, is one of a kind, truly. Red Red Wine Bar on Wheels can travel and serve wine anywhere in Maryland for just about any occasion you can dream up. Brian tells us a little bit about the wine bar and how it went from a dream to a reality.

Tell us a little bit about the mobile wine bar. Who came up with the idea of having a traveling wine bar?

I came up with the traveling wine bar concept. It’s the first and only one of its kind in the country. Lisa and I grew tired of going to tailgates, music festivals, and outdoor gatherings only to have the same old—and almost always awful—wine options. As a wine buyer, I knew we could offer upscale wine on tap, at affordable pricing, that would take any event to the next level for guests. Add to that our take on craft beer with a full bar and we felt the Red Red Wine Bar on Wheels was a no brainer.

What wines do you typically have available with the mobile wine bar? Do you plan to offer food choices as well or will you stick strictly to wine?

We can scale our wine options up or down depending on the event. We have access to labels that seriously over-deliver for the price point all the way up to esoteric Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir that will blow you away. As for food, we can cater any event with our full menu at Red Red Wine Bar. Usually, though, the Wine Bar on Wheels sticks to beverages. 

How often do you switch out the wines that the bar serves? Do you change them for each event, catering to the type of event?

We change our wine options based on the needs and preferences of each event. A 3,000 person open bar corporate event calls for one style of wine list while a wedding may call for another. 

Give us a few details on how to book the mobile bar for our events. It’d be the crowning detail at a wedding, how can guests book it?

Of course we serve at weddings. How cool, right? To book, it’s as easy as sending an email to or giving us a call. Pricing depends on the tier of options.

How has the mobile wine bar been received? It’s been out at quite a few events. What kind of buzz are you hearing?

Guests almost unanimously tell us at events, “Oh, thank goodness you’re here!” It’s the biggest compliment we can receive because we know exactly how it used to feel attending an event without Red Red Wine Bar on Wheels.

What areas does the bar serve? For people interested in booking it for events, how far are you willing to travel?

We can serve you anywhere in the great state of Maryland. 

What makes the mobile wine bar an ideal choice for parties and corporate events? What’s the little something extra that draws customers in?

To have a wine bar personally curate your event’s wine list and full bar options, serve wine that’s green—no bottles, no corks, no label, no foil—plus personalized beverage options with friendly bartenders while never leaving your venue of choice. Does it get much better? 

—Kimberly Cooper