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Towne Salute: Margaret Field

Nov 03, 2018 12:00AM ● By Brian Saucedo

By Caley Breese

When Margaret Field went looking for new volunteer opportunities, she considered her two passions: traveling and meeting new people. So, when she learned about the work that Pasadena-based Partners In Care does, she knew volunteering as a driver would be the perfect fit.

“As it happened, we had somebody from Partners In Care come to the Laurel Senior Friendship Club to talk to us about recruiting volunteers,” Field, who is 80, explains. “I said, ‘That sounds interesting.’ I thought it was rather unique and needed. I really enjoy doing it. I enjoy the people that I meet doing this and finding out that there’s a real need for this organization.”

Field has been volunteering with Partners In Care since 2010, providing rides to those who cannot drive themselves to places like the bank, grocery store, and doctor appointments. She usually averages about two rides per week, driving anywhere from nine to 40 miles in one trip. According to Partners In Care Deputy Director Linda Dennis, Field has contributed about 400 hours of service since she began volunteering eight years ago. 

When Field isn’t driving for Partners In Care, she stays busy with the Laurel Senior Friendship Club, where she serves as president, as well as leading and facilitating a support group for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Every two to three months, Field also volunteers her time checking people in at blood drives at Mercy Medical Center.

“Margaret treats these members like they are extended family, making their time together more than just a ride,” Dennis says. “She is very connected through volunteerism and social activities in her community, and is always inviting others to participate. If she knows someone needs transportation or other resources that Partners In Care can provide, she advocates for them to become members. 

She is one of our go-to volunteers in the area and we are so thankful that she has chosen our organization to contribute her time and talents.” 

Born and raised in Baltimore, Field spent her career as a community health nurse, working in areas such as public health, homecare, schools, and even homeless outreach. Field still thinks of herself a nurse.

“I still consider what I do a part of nursing because of the fact that I’m taking people to doctors appointments,” she says. “I’m contributing to their health because otherwise, they have no way of getting there and will miss their doctor appointment, and won’t be able to keep up with their medical treatments.”

Founded in 1993, Partners In Care supports elderly adults with the mission to empower and encourage them to stay active and independent in their own homes. Partners In Care’s goal is for members and volunteers to exchange their services with each other, from driving to home maintenance.

“That’s why they’re called ‘partners;’ we don’t consider that we’re doing charitable work for people,” Field says. “They’re partners, so in other words, they’re expected to contribute something, even if it’s something to the [Partners In Care] boutique to sell. In my case, it’s also available to me if I need a ride.”

Because of her medical background, Field says that her favorite part about volunteering with Partners In Care is driving people to their doctor appointments. 

“It’s funny because the doctors keep thinking I’m their patient because I’m always sitting in their waiting room, waiting for somebody,” she says with a laugh. “I take several people to the same doctor, so they become familiar with me, and they start asking, ‘What is this that you do? You’re giving rides to all of these people!’ So, I explain it to them.”

Field’s volunteer work has allowed her to remain an active member in her community and fulfill her lifelong desire for helping others. Keeping busy with various organizations has allowed her to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as have an appreciation for volunteerism.

“It’s good for your health, too, and keeps you active and engaged,” Field says. 

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